Students age 6 to 12 learn the basic skills of both traditional and sport taekwondo, with emphasis placed on developing proper mechanics for the blocks, strikes, kicks, stances and footwork that make up the foundation of our art. Patient and dedicated instructors lead classes that are fun and energetic, while maintaining proper respect and discipline.Training in taekwondo helps students build the character to stand up to bullying and the physical skills to keep them safe in any situation. Success on the training floor leads to success on the competition floor, achievement in the classroom, and greater enjoyment of life in general.
Balance, focus, strength, and flexibility are gained while learning and perfecting the techniques, forms, and drills of traditional KandDukWon taekwondo. At the same time, the practice of the skills of modern taekwondo sparring increases speed, stamina, and explosiveness. This makes taekwondo an excellent addition to the training regimen of athletes interested in cross-training to improve their performance in other sports. Another benefit is in the concentration and mental effort employed in perfecting techniques and forms. Practice becomes a type of "moving meditation" that can help you relieve some of the stresses of modern life. And if that fails, there's always the simple joy of kicking the stuffing out of a heavy bag after a tough day at work.
With the proper training in effective physical skills and the right mental attitude, it is possible to prevail in a physical confrontation against any attacker. Self-defense training at Muskegon Taekwondo is designed to provide everyone, regardless of size or gender, with the ability to use their bodies most effectively to defend themselves from physical assault. It is based on simple, instinctive, devastating techniques employed explosively and repeatedly to overwhelm any assailant. Self-defense instruction is available as a separate program adaptable to small groups, law enforcement, and business.